MAN 19.293 F2000 MANUAL

Preis:€ 8.950
Standort: Industrieweg 2
Modell:Man 19.293 F2000 MANUAL
Baujahr: 1997
Anzahl Gänge 16
Lagernr. 250799
Gewicht 10,220.00 kg
Leistung 213.00 kW
Radstand 5,500.00 mm

<b>Front axle:</b> Suspension: leaf suspension<br /><b>Rear axle:</b> Differential lock; Suspension: air suspension<br /><b>Extra's:</b><ul><li></li></ul><br />Laadbak lengte: 714 cm, Laadbak breedte: 242 cm, Laadbak hoogte: 245 cm, Laadvloer hoogte: 124 cm, Doorrijhoogte: 236 cm<br />Materiaal laadklep: staal<br /><br /> <br /> Why buy at Kleyn Trucks? The choice is easy!<br /> Kleyn Trucks is one of the largest independent traders of used commercial vehicles in the world. You can choose from a continually changing stock of 1,200 used trucks, tractor units, semi-trailers, trailers, tippers and mixers. Our range includes all European brands used trucks, model years and price categories. You will always find the vehicle you want for the right price!<br /> <br /> Kleyn Trucks offers:<br /> • Sharp prices<br /> • Good service<br /> • Fast changing, big stock!<br /> • Always sure about the quality!<br /> • Trading expertise you can trust! <br /> • Professional technical service.<br /> • Guidance at import and transport.<br /> • License plates quickly arranged.<br /> • and more....<br /> <br /> Visit our website at: and check out our complete stock and special offers!<br /> <br />

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